• 06/02/2014

    A little ”PEP” talk…..

    Hey, I may not know your name or where you live, but I’ve trained and worked with enough clients to understand the frustrations and all the roller coaster of emotions that you feel and experience when it comes to your body size and shape. And today I’m here to motivate you to take action....

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  • 10/01/2014

    Why are you eating that?

    Has that feeling of excitement in your belly as the New Year greets you with the promise that this time you can turn things around…that you can shake off past mistakes…and that you can become better. The New Year renews hope for your dreams. And if you are like most people then one of your...

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  • 01/10/2013

    Get The Most From Your Workout

    This question might make you squirm a little, but I’m going to ask it anyway… How effective are your workouts? Do you regularly push yourself to the limit? Do you feel the burn with each rep? Do you have nothing left in the tank to give when it’s over? Or would you describe your workout

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  • 06/06/2013

    The junk food has to go….

    Today I’m going to dish out a little tough love, so brace yourself and know that this is for your own good. It’s time that we had an uncomfortable little talk about a very important issue… That junk food in your house. You know the stuff that I’m talking about. The ice cream jammed...

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  • 22/03/2013

    Recover From Your Crazy Weekend

    You know how it feels to wake up on Monday morning after a weekend of less-than-healthy eating… Your body is puffy and bloated. Your joints are achy. Your clothes feel tight. I’ve outlined the 5 steps below to get you back on the fitness fast track. Step One: Get Focused. Don’t beat yourself...

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