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The Hour of Power™

Developed by fitness legend Dragan Radovic 25 years ago when he noticed that most people ignored their upper body altogether when training their cardio system and focused exclusively on the use of legs and lungs. Dragan noticed that although we have 10 times as many muscles in our upper body compared to our lower bodies when it comes to training cardio most upper body muscles contribute very little in terms of effort.

The Hour of Power™ is truly the most effective all over workout that you’ll ever find. Apart from bringing your upper and lower body into true cardiovascular equilibrium it won’t take you long to notice the dramatic improvements in your muscle tone and energy levels.

The class which is set to music starts off with a slow, focused and mindful series of isometric holds that will challenge even the fittest of individuals and gently eases into the main section which is an energetic workout in which the intensity is dictated and controlled by the weight that you use.

This is then followed by a core section that will work your abs like no other abs workout.

All this ends with a soothing and well deserved stretch.

Give it a try…I’m so sure that you’ll be hooked that I offer a free first session.

Class Christmas Times

Monday 28th – 9am (Same Location)
No Classes on Christmas Day / New Years Day


Monday Class – 7:00pm

Oakthorpe Primary School
Tile Kiln Lane
City of London
Greater London
N13 6BY

Friday Class – 7:30pm

St Pauls Church Hall
Camlet Way
Hadley Wood