Has that feeling of excitement in your belly as the New Year greets you with the promise that this
time you can turn things around…that you can shake off past mistakes…and
that you can become better.
The New Year renews hope for your dreams.

And if you are like most people then one of your dreams for the New Year
probably has something to do with losing weight, so to get you off to a great
start I’d like to share with you some food for thought:

Why do you eat?

Now I know at first glance the answer to that question seems painfully
obvious—but I want you to dig deeper. You’re probably thinking that you eat
when your body is hungry to get the energy you need to go about your daily
tasks. And you’re partially right. But that’s not the only reason that you eat.
The truth is that you (along with almost everyone else) probably eat too much.
Your body simply doesn’t need all of the calories that you consume. Our
physique doesn’t lie! If we only ate to fuel our bodies then we’d all have
stunning physiques and 6 pack abs. And that’s clearly not the case, right?
So what drives you to eat when you shouldn’t? Hmmmm. The answer to this
question could be just what you need to see results in 2014.

Here are the four basic reasons that you eat:

1. Because you’re hungry. This one is obvious. You eat when your body tells you
that it’s hungry and in need of fuel. Just like your car lets you know when
it’s time to head over to the petrol station for a fill up, your body is great
at letting you know that energy stores are low.

Eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are full is a healthy thing.
Too bad this isn’t the only reason that you eat…

2. Because you’re emotional. …but the truth is that you also eat when you are
emotional. Think back—can you remember a time when you turned to food after a
stressful event? Or how about when you’ve treated your sweet tooth to celebrate
an event? it’s not just negative emotions that lead to emotional eating—most of
us reward happiness with unnecessary calories as well.

Emotional eating adds an untold number of calories to your diet—all calories
that are unnecessary and turn into fatty deposits on your body.

3. Because you’re social. Come on, don’t just sit there, have another slice of pizza with us.

No one likes to eat alone, and so you feel obligated to eat with others. How many
times have you filled up a plate just because everyone else was eating?
When eating becomes a social activity with no thought to the calories that are
being consumed, only one thing will result: weight gain.

4. Because you’re habitual. At the end of each day you relax in front of the
television with a snack, and I’m willing to bet that it isn’t because you’re
hungry. You simply associate sitting down to watch television with eating
something. Or maybe you always buy yourself a kit-Kat or the like, when filling
up at the petrol station whether you’re hungry or not—it’s just become a habit.
As humans we love to form habits, and when your habits involve eating extra
calories then your waistline suffers for it.

Here is my challenge to you:

Take the time to examine why you are eating, and choose to only eat when you’re
truly hungry.

This small action has the potential to dramatically improve your physique in
the coming year. Remember that as important as it is to improve your diet, this is not the full
story when it comes to reshaping your body. The quickest and most permanent
results are achieved when good eating habits are accompanied by challenging

I’d like to see you transform your body in 2014 – simply call or email today
and we will get started!